Single Quinella

Select two runners you think will finish 1st and 2nd in any order.

Allways Quinella

To increase your chances, you can take an Allways Quinella by marking all your selections, or the field, in the first selection box only. To win, one of your selections must win, and another must come second.

Leg-In Quinella

Select one runner in the first selection box, then select the other runners, or the field, in the second selection box. To win, your Leg-in selection must finish first or second, and one of your other selections must fill the remaining position.

Which Races Can I Have A Quinella On?

Quinellas are available on every race covered by the TAB.

Dead Heats

If there is a two-way dead heat for first, the Quinella dividend on those selections is unaffected by the dead heat. If, however, there is a two way dead heat for second, then there will be two dead heat Quinella dividends paid. Each of them will be 50% of the full dividend on the two winning combinations, as per standard dead heat rules.


If any runners in your Quinella bet have been scratched you will receive a refund for every eliminated combination. You will also receive a refund if the race is abandoned or postponed.


If the winning Quinella combination has not been selected, the net Quinella prize pool on that race will be carried over and added to the Quinella pool on another race to be announced by the TAB.

Commission Rate

A commission rate of 17.5% is deducted from gross investments.

Pooling Of Quinella

Quinella pools are combined with Super TAB in most instances; however some pools remain WA only.

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