Multi betting enables you to include a variety of sports and Fixed Odds options in one bet. The return is calculated by multiplying the prices of each individual selection together to obtain a Multi return for that combination.

A Multi selection is called a 'leg' and a sport-based Multi can contain anywhere between 2 and 10 legs.

For Fixed Odds racing markets under 'Final Field' conditions, a Multi can contain a maximum of 6 legs while for racing futures markets, the maximum number of legs is 2.

Fixed Odds also allows you to combine sport and racing selections in a Multi to a maximum of 6 legs.

Where 'Win and Place' markets are offered, primarily for 'Final Field' racing events, either the Win or the Place component of the competitor can be included as a Multi leg.

Selections must also be independent of one another for the bet to be placed.

The probability of two or more outcomes occurring cannot be accurately calculated by straight multiplication if the outcomes are linked.

If two or more outcomes within the bet are non-independent, the Multi would unfairly achieve an additional return for little or no added risk.

As a general rule, including two or more Multi legs from the same event is rarely possible.

On occasion, certain Fixed Odds sport markets may be restricted to 'Singles Only'. This means that options from within the market cannot be included in a Multi bet. Only a straight out investment on an option from within the market will be accepted. The term 'Singles Only' will be referenced within the Bet Type Definition for affected markets.

If any leg(s) of a Multi has been abandoned or is due a refund, that selection effectively drops out of the Multi bet and the return will be recalculated based upon the prices of the remaining live legs as at the time the bet was placed.

If all legs of a Multi bet are abandoned or are due a refund, the entire bet will be refunded.

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