Multi Formula

Formula betting is an extension of Multi and allows you invest upon the various combinations contained within your Multi selections.

For example if you selected a four leg Multi, contained within the selections are the following combinations:

  • 4 x Singles
  • 6 x 2 Leg Multi (referred to as Doubles)
  • 4 x 3 Leg Multi (referred to as Trebles)
  • 1 x 4 Leg Multi

By using Multi Formula you can opt to invest upon all, or a selection of, the available combinations and also choose a differing spend amount for each Formula option.

Note – If placing a Multi Formula wager in a TAB agency via bet slip, the spend amount for all selected options must be identical.

Formula betting is available on any Multi bet that contains between 2 and 6 legs. If your wager contains 7 or more legs, only standard Multi functionality is available.

If any combination selected as part of a Multi Formula bet fails upon placement, for whatever reason, the entire bet will error and have to be corrected and re-submitted.

Once a Multi Formula bet has been successfully placed, you will receive one receipt encapsulating all selected combinations.

Any dividends will not be payable until the last leg of the bet is resulted.

How to place a Multi Formula bet

Minimum Bets

For Multi Formula and Accumulator Formula bets, the minimum spend is $0.50 if placed via internet or mobile. This excludes Singles (Formula 1) option where minimum spend of $1.00 per combination applies. Total bet cost must be $5.00 or greater.

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