Bet Limits

Bet Limits
We want your betting experience with TABtouch to be positive and happy; therefore we have put in place a number of limits that you can set on your TAB account to ensure you are not betting beyond your means.

You can set a single bet limit and/or a total weekly deposit limit on your TAB account.
When setting your 'Total Weekly Deposit Limit' please be aware that the new limit set will be inclusive of any deposits made to your account within the last seven days.
These limits apply to both racing and sports betting and must be in whole dollars.

Please note: Increasing and removing bet limits from your account will be subject to a seven day cooling off period.

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What is a single bet limit?

A single bet limit is the maximum amount you can place on any one bet using your TAB account.

Changing your single bet limit

Increasing your single bet limit will be subject to a seven day cooling off period. If you increase your limit again, then it will take seven days before the change will come into effect. Decreasing your bet limit will occur immediately.

Setting NO limit

This setting removes any single bet limits from your TAB account, meaning that you can place a bet of any value using your TAB account. You are not constrained by a maximum single bet limit. Changes to this setting are subject to a seven day cooling off period.

What is my 'Total Weekly Deposit Limit'?

This is the sum of your deposits that you have made in the last seven days including cash, credit card, PayPal and BPAY.  You can also choose to have no total weekly deposit limit on your account. Increases to your total weekly deposit limit will take seven days to come into effect. Decreases will be effective immediately.

Blocking Credit Card Deposits

This will block you from making credit card deposits to your TAB account with immediate effect. If you choose to remove this block in the future, it will be subject to a seven day cooling off period.

What is a 'cooling off period'?

This is the period of time after you edit certain Bet Limit categories whereby we ask you to wait seven days before making a change to increase or re-instate a component that may have a negative impact on your betting experience.

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