Fixed Odds Racing Information

Fixed Odds betting betting markets are offered on the vast majority of Australian Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound races and are complimented by a comprehensive coverage of international racing events.

For selected feature races, pre-post or futures markets are opened well in advance to provide you with the option of investing early and securing value about your fancied runner.

'Jockey Challenge' markets are available on the majority of day-to-day Australian Thoroughbred meetings with 'Jockey Challenge Quinella' markets offered on nominated programmes.

'Box Challenge' markets are offered upon the majority of Greyhound meetings.

‘Odds vs Evens’ markets are available on all Australian Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound events where traditional Fixed Odds ‘Win and Place’ betting is offered while ‘Inside vs Outside’ markets are opened on the vast majority of Australian Greyhound races.

A brief summary of the guidelines associated with Fixed Odds betting with TAB racing product is provided below. For further information, please see the 'TAB Fixed Odds Rules' section.

Futures Markets - All In

Prior to the declaration of the 'Final Field' for any racing event, TAB Fixed Odds futures markets are subject to 'All In' rules.

'All In' means that Fixed Odds returns are guaranteed, however, refunds will not be payable on non-starters. The phrase 'All In' will be clearly stipulated for relevant events.

Fixed Odds Racing Multi Betting - Futures Events (All In)

Multi investments containing 'Futures' (All In) market selections are limited to a maximum of two (2) legs with existing odds return and projected payout limits applicable.

The 'same horse' cannot be selected for two 'Futures' events within an individual Multi wager. As a result, specific ‘Same Horse Double’ markets are offered for selected feature races (i.e. Caulfield Cup / Melbourne Cup).

Multi bets involving 'Futures' selections are subject to 'All In' betting rules and both selections must win their nominated event for the bet to be deemed successful.

Final Field - Refunds & Deductions

Once the 'Final Field' has been declared for any racing event, TAB Fixed Odds markets are subject to rules of 'Refunds and Deductions'.

'Refunds and Deductions' means refunds will be payable on non-starters, however, deductions may be taken from winning investments (both Win and Place) placed prior to the scratching(s) of a 'Final Field' runner(s).

Deductions taken from winning investments are based upon the Fixed Odds return of the non-starter at the time the scratching occurs will be in accordance with the official Scale Of Deductions (for pre-post markets) or as announced by the on-course stewards.

Winning Fixed Odds investments may be subject to cumulative deductions if there are multiple scratchings from the event after an investment has been placed.

Fixed Odds investments placed after a scratching(s) has occurred will not be subject to the deduction taken for the non-starter(s). Deductions taken from future scratchings will be applicable.

Any Fixed Odds racing market that does not stipulate 'All In' is strictly subject to rules of 'Refunds & Deductions'.

Fixed Odds Racing Multi Betting - Final Field Events (Refunds & Deductions)

Multi investments containing 'Final Field' (Refunds & Deductions) racing selections of any or mixed code are limited to a maximum of six (6) legs with existing odds return and projected payout limits applicable.

If a selection(s) is a non-starter in any Multi leg, the option(s) will be removed from the Multi investment and the projected return will be recalculated based on the Fixed Odds return(s) that applied to the remaining 'live' legs at the time the bet was placed.

If all but one selection contained within a Multi wager are scratched, the bet shall stand in effect as a 'Singles' investment on the remaining 'live' leg.

If all legs of a Multi wager are scratched, the investment shall be due a full refund.

If deductions are applicable to any leg(s) contained within a Multi wager, the projected payout, if successful, may be subject to the cumulative deduction taken from all selected events. The adjusted amount will be reflected in the actual payout (see Refunds & Deductions section).

Fixed Odds Jockey Challenge Multi Betting

Jockey Challenge options can be included in a sport or racing Multi up to a maximum of six (6) legs. Existing odds return and payout limits are applicable.

Jockey Challenge Quinella selections cannot currently be included in a Multi wager.

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