Mystery Bet

Do you still want the chance to be a millionaire but do not have the knowledge or the time to analyse races. Mystery Bet picks the horses for you - not at random, but on the basis of other customers' bets. This means that the Mystery Bet will embrace both favourites and outsiders. Mystery bets produce dividends ranging from small payouts to millions. Mystery Bet is available for V75, V65, V64, V5 and V4.

How to place a Mystery Bet on online

Minimum Bet

The Minimum Bet value is currently $7.20.


While standard betting is available from early morning either on the day of the meeting or a number of days prior to the meeting, Mystery Bet is only available from approximately 3pm on the day that standard betting is opened. However for V65, mystery betting is only offered closer to the actual meeting.

Multiple Mystery Bet

Select the meeting, bet type and investment amount and Mystery Bet will pick selections up to the investment amount. All Mystery Bet result in multiple selections.

Calculating the Cost of your Mystery Bet Ticket

You select the amount you want to spend and Mystery Bet calculates how many combinations you can achieve for that amount. Picking the best selections calculated from both favourites and outsiders.

Due to the complex algorithm used to determine your selections, there may be some occasions when the actual amount placed is less than your selected amount. You will only be charged this lower amount and you will never be charged a higher amount then you originally selected. There may also be occasions when Mystery Bet is unable to place the bet at all. If this occurs then it is recommended that you select a higher investment amount.


Final dividends are declared for the unit of the bet type, for example 20 cents for a V64 bet, while the Win Div is expressed as the odds to 1.

Scratchings and Substitutes

If any of the runners in your bet have been scratched, the scratched runner will be replaced by the substitute runner. The substitute is picked based on the ranking of each horse's last five races. If the ticket already contains the first substitute then the runner ranked second will be the replacement. This will continue until the all the scratched runners are replaced.


The Jackpot applicable to the Bet Type will apply.

Dead Heats

The Dead Heat rule applicable to the Bet Type will apply.

Abandoned or Postponed Races

If a race is re-run or held at a later date, within three days after the date presented in the race program, then the result of that race will be included in the betting.

In the event of a leg being cancelled no repayment of investments will be made. If however the meeting is abandoned or declared void, investments will be repaid.

Commission Rates

The commission rates applicable to the Bet Type will apply

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