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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get TABradio reception?

A: Check whether there is TABradio frequency here

You can listen to TABradio on-line by clicking here.

You can listen to us on iPhone: install "TuneIn Radio" app and search for "TABradio"

If none of the above satisfies: you can listen to TABradio anywhere in Australia by dialing 1900 953 111 and following the prompts (charge of 93c per minute applies!)

Q: Why doesn't TABradio broadcast FM signal in metro area?

A: While FM frequency for the metropolitan area is highly sought-after by the TABradio management, the decision to switch to FM broadcasting is not entirely up to TABradio. Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) play a key role in the process of granting radio licences. If no additional FM radio licences are made available by the ACMA in the Perth metro area, it is impossible for TABradio (or any other radio station) to apply for.

Q: When will TABradio be FM in metro area?

A: TABradio management works closely with the ACMA on this matter. Meanwhile, you can listen to us on 1206AM (Metro), online on or your iPhone or Android.

Q: Is TABradio available in digital?

A: TABradio is currently not available in digital format. This decision depends on a separate government agency, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Q: How do I advertise on TABradio?

A: Email for more information, rates and sponsorship opportunities.

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