How Tote works

Definition of Totalisator

With a totalisator system all the money from bets is put into a pool for each bet type on each race. After the appropriate deductions have been made (eg. TAB's commission) that pool of money is then shared by those who picked the winners. Therefore, if a popular horse wins, many people will be sharing the pool and they will receive a lesser amount each. If a 'roughie' wins, fewer people will be sharing the same pool of money and they will get a larger amount each.

The concept can be seen as being extremely fair, as the Totalisator acts only as a "stakeholder" with participants themselves setting the return without an outside person inserting an "opinion" by offering odds about contestants.

Totalisator Pools

The TAB conducts separate pools for each bet type applicable to each race. For example, for a Perth Race meeting, each race will have separate betting pools for Win, Place, Quinella, Trifecta, etc.


With SuperTAB and WA TAB novelty bet pools, commission is taken as a flat deduction from the investment pool, leaving the remaining pool to be divided amongst all winning bets.

With non-SuperTAB meetings within WA, TAB Win and Place dividends are calculated by the losing bets method. With this method, the Win and Place commission varies, with the average commission approximately 16.5% of turnover. This method involves deducting commission only from the pool of losing bets. The payout pool (total investments less commission) is then divided amongst all winning units.

Odds/Dividend Comparison

Where a bookmaker provides odds, the TAB provides a dollar dividend.

  • If I bet $1 on a horse paying 4:1 against, I would receive $5.00 if the horse won.
  • If I bet $1 on a horse paying 4:1 on, I would receive $1.20 if the horse won.

Unclaimed Moneys

The Moneys from unclaimed dividends are held for a period of seven months. After this time, the moneys from racing bets become general revenue of RWWA. Unclaimed moneys from sports betting is paid to the Sports Betting wagering account for distribution to sporting organisations.

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